Websites 4 Small Business

Services: Website Review

We evaluate your website’s performance on a variety of best-practice benchmarks. We then give you recommendations that you can then “do it yourself” or have us implement.


You supply us with the addresses of specific pages you want evaluated. (Be sure to include your home page!) We look at five specific criteria:

  • Easy to read?
    language level of specific pages
  • Easy to use?
    navigation & site structure — overall site
  • Easy to find?
    code optimization on specific pages & incoming links to site
  • Different from competition?
    value statement & visual “look & feel”
  • Connected to social media?
    links to and from a blog, e-newsletter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


We deliver recommendations based on the above criteria for improving your site.

Cost: $400
Covers 5 specific pages plus “overall” assessments.
Additional pages $50 each.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Call for a free consultation to discuss your business goals and how your website can help you achieve them.

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