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Examples: Websites Built in WordPress

Your WordPress site doesn't have to look like a blog! Here are several sites we have built using the WordPress platform.

We recommend WordPress for clients who want to update their websites themselves, because WordPress makes it easy for people to learn to do that. Its administrative panel is intuitive, and the editing window is easy to use.

And as we describe in our article, ‘Think Blog’ Makes Your Website Life Easier.

Cyberpunk Adventures showcases the adventures of a gaming group. We designed this site, then built it in WordPress to make it easy for the game masters and players to post material about campaigns, characters, equipment and special rules.

Cyberpunk Adventures

Mystery Writers of America—New England Chapter needed a fresh new look for its website. They also wanted their author-members to be able to modify pages themselves. Wordpress was the ideal solution. One of their members supplied the image of two autumn leaves on a rock. We created the rest of the site using that color scheme—and the MWA logo of Edgar Allen Poe.

Mystery Writers of America, New England Chapter

Write YOUR Bestseller Book features the services of a fiction writing coach. Since Wordpress was originally developed as a blogging platform, this structure is ideal for publishing articles about the craft of writing novels and short stories. We used this photo of a living room as the backdrop for the website and basis of the color scheme. We also blurred the middle section of the photo so that text would be readable.

Write YOUR Bestseller Book

Publicize a book: Dr. Georgianna Donadio, author of Changing Behavior, wanted her website to showcase the awards and reviews of her book—as well as offering an excerpt and making it easy to purchase the book. The result is based on marketing materials for the book developed by Carol Arnold of Arnold Communications.

Changing Behavior

The Wellington PTO Student Care Program offers morning and after school care for students in K-4th grades at the Wellington Elementary School in Belmont, MA. They wanted their website to be easily accessible for their students’ parents—and easy for teachers to update with reports on classroom activities. Part of the site is open to the public; others are private to the students’ families (accessible only with a password). Areas displaying pictures and video use the WordPress blogging structure to make automatically updated lists of new pages organized into categories. The site was designed by Martha Myers Design.

  Wellington Student Care Program

A specialist in technology law, attorney Daniel A. Batterman also liked the site we created for him in 2004, but found it difficult to update himself. We converted his existing site into WordPress, making it easy for him both to blog about the new developments in technology law, and to ensure that information on his website was as up to date as possible. Design was a joint effort by Wyn Snow and Martha Myers Design.

Attorney Daniel A. Batterman

Practicing what I preach! Last but not least, I converted Wyn's WebSights, my newsletter articles, into blog format—using WordPress, of course. These tips focus on strategies for making your website more effective on a variety of fronts.

Wyn's WebSights

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