Websites 4 Small Business

Examples: Mobile-Friendly Websites

For clients who want to update their own site, or have a blog that is integrated with their site, we recommend Wordpress. It is intuitive, easy to learn, and has plenty of bells and whistles—including mobile-friendly themes.

Wordpress is only one approach to making a mobile-friendly site (also called “responsive web design”). Another approach is to use a website-building-language called PHP. One simply adds different instructions for how to display site content based on the width of the viewer’s device.


Publicize a romance novel. Author Saundra MacKay needed a mobile-friendly website as the foundation for marketing her newly published book. From our initial conversation and the homework she showed us (sites she did and didn’t like), it was clear she wanted something elegant. We created a custom Wordpress theme for her that features backgrounds of callas lilies in a wedding bouquet and a parchment-paper texture.

  Romance Novels by Saundra MacKay

Jeri Ryan, PhD, wanted a new-from-scratch mobile-friendly Wordpress site for her mental health counseling services. Her instructions: “green and pretty.” We created 20 different ideas based on two fundamental concepts. She narrowed this field to three ideas which we modified further. She then selected the one shown here. It’s certainly green! Whether it is also pretty, we certainly think so—and are hopeful that you do too.

  Jeri Ryan, PhD, LMHC

Dr. Georgianna Donadio wanted a mobile-friendly Wordpress site for her National Institute of Whole Health website. Since she liked the design she already had, we built a theme that implemented all of these unique features.

  National Institute of Whole Health

The SpaceCrafts writers’s group wanted a website that its members could update themselves. Wordpress was the ideal solution. We created a “child theme” of the standard Wordpress twentythirteen theme. Since twentythirteen is already mobile-friendly, creating this child theme automatically meant the site works on mobile devices.

SpaceCrafts Writers Group
man talking on cellphone