Websites 4 Small Business

Examples: Database Programming

Using a database makes many tasks easier and others possible. Here are two examples of our work.

Calendar/Event/Schedule updates: Herb Pearce wanted to be able to update his schedule himself. We created a database for his events and built an interface that allows him to add, copy, and delete events as well as updating event titles, descriptions, dates, locations, fees, registration instructions and “parenthetical” details.

Herb’s Enneagram workshop schedule displays current and future events only. Older events stay in the database and are visible in the updating interface, but are not shown on the website’s schedule page.

 Edit Herb's Schedule

Meeting signup: Emails about who was or was not attending a weekly meeting were driving this group batty. Wyn made this simple sign-up page where members can say “yes” or “no” if they will be there. It also counts and displays the number who will attend.

  Who Will Be Here This Week?

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