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Services: Continuing Review & SEO Tweaking

Once a page gets good traffic, it makes sense to continue tracking it over time to ensure that visitor levels do not fall (unless there are obvious seasonal reasons for that decline).

Basic SEO report

We can continue to see how selected pages on your site are performing and report to you on these and other benchmarks:

  • visitor levels
  • bounce rates
  • keyword phrases used to find the page(s)

Cost: $39 per month plus $5 per page

SEO optimization tweaking

The same page may perform better or worse with different keyword phrases placed in its <title> tag. This can be worth investigating, especially if a page’s current results are disappointing.

Cost: varies.

Using the same keyword phrases as your ideal clients is vital to attracting more of them. Finding niche phrases with little to no competition from other websites is another fruitful strategy.

Cost: $195 per root keyword phrase

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