Websites 4 Small Business

Examples: Search Engine Marketing

The two most powerful factors for reaching the top of a search engine’s result page (SERP) are:

  1. Optimize page content and code for your most important keyword phrases.
  2. Attract incoming links—and these days, that means social media!

The following examples illustrate results we have gotten for clients.

Attract more viewers: Playwright Geralyn Horton wanted to attract more visitors, especially drama students. Her StagePage website was already substantial and had a dozen incoming links. We optimized the code on her monologues page for free monologues.
Result: Site traffic doubled over the next year. Her monologues page consistently appears within the top three Google search results for free monologues. The site now sees approximately 1500 visitors per day.

Horton's StagePage

Attract more viewers: Begun in 1999 with 50 pages, this site about the quality of dietary supplements has grown to 400 pages — covering regulatory and manufacturing issues as well as scientific research and editorials. By publishing information that other sites find valuable, it has attracted many incoming links. Its page code has been optimized for keyword phrases since 2001.
Result: Traffic to this site has grown steadily. It now attracts an average of 25,000 visitors per month.

Get found locally: With a small site and only one incoming link, Ike and Martha Myers needed a niche keyword strategy for their Red Pony Farm site. Rather than compete for dog boarding or pet boarding, we chose small animal boarding in their local area.
Result: The phone began ringing with new customers from search engine traffic within the first month the site was up. The site continues to attract a steady stream of new customers.

Red Pony Farm

Get found globally: With a fabulous quote from NPR’s hilarious “Car-Talk guys,” Rosalie Prosser’s new home page was sure to persuade visitors to call her. We optimized her page code to make sure the search engines would know what her site was about.
Result: Her site is on page one for searches for “sound transcription services.” New clients call Alice Darling Secretarial & Sound Transcription Services from all over the USA.

Alice Darling Secretarial Services

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