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Three Ways That ‘Think Blog’ Makes Your Website Life Easier

In the movie The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman’s parents throw a party to celebrate his graduation from college. Their friend approaches Dustin with one word: PLASTICS—the “big idea” of the 50s. In today’s world, if you want your website to get you found on search engines, build a pool of potential clients, and save you time […]

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Never Say “Click Here”!

This mistake misleads Google in important ways. Your website becomes lost in a huge ocean of other “click here”s on the Web. Why is that? Google uses link text (the word or phrase that you click on) to understand what the destination page is all about. When you say “click here” to see/view/learn more, you’re […]

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Search Engine Optimization Made Simple

Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seem complicated and mysterious? Like sending out smoke signals and hoping they get seen? In a recent article, Jill Whalen explained in simple terms how search engines work and how to get their attention. Jill Whalen—CEO of High Rankings, a Boston SEO Consulting Agency—has been performing SEO services since 1995. […]

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Use Title Tags to Get Found on Search Engines

Reaching page one of the search engine results can be a daunting task — but it’s neither rocket science nor magic! Making wise use of your <title> tags is a vital part of reaching that goal. Here are Jill Whalen’s most recent thoughts on that subject. Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings and co-founder of […]

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Reaching Page One on the Search Engines

Google™ and the other search engines give higher preference to sites that are: large (have many pages of content) fresh (have new content every week or month) popular (have lots of incoming links from high quality sites) relevant (words on the site match the search words or phrase) optimized (make smart use of html code […]

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