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Search Engine Optimization Made Simple

Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seem complicated and mysterious? Like sending out smoke signals and hoping they get seen? In a recent article, Jill Whalen explained in simple terms how search engines work and how to get their attention. Jill Whalen—CEO of High Rankings, a Boston SEO Consulting Agency—has been performing SEO services since 1995. […]

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Use Title Tags to Get Found on Search Engines

Reaching page one of the search engine results can be a daunting task — but it’s neither rocket science nor magic! Making wise use of your <title> tags is a vital part of reaching that goal. Here are Jill Whalen’s most recent thoughts on that subject. Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings and co-founder of […]

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The Truth About Search Engines and Flash

Introduction (by Jill Whalen) Jill Whalen originally wrote this article some years ago for Search Engine Land. But she says: “Don’t worry, I double-checked and the information is all still correct and up to date. In fact, it’s something you should certainly understand if you have clients who have or who want a Flash website.” […]

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