Does Your Website Flunk the #1 Rule for Attracting More Customers?

Think of your website as going out on a first date.

The sweaty palms, the racing heart. Will he/she like me? What do I talk about? Should I try for a kiss on the first date or wait for the second?

Sure, you want to wow your visitors—and convince them to call for that free consultation or sign up for your enewsletter or buy that special ebook offer. So you fill your home page with enticing details about your fabulous bells and whistles. And—since you know it’s a vital principle of marketing—you even focus on the wonderful benefits your visitor can expect.

But the phone doesn’t ring and your inbox stays empty. Why?

If this scenario is all too familiar, take another look at the home page of your website. Is it singing the “It’s All About Me” song? Talking about “I”, “me”, and “our”—instead of “you” and “your”?

The #1 rule for attracting more customers is the same as the #1 rule for having a great first date: Focus on your partner.

A website is not a platform for speaking about yourself. It’s a platform for connecting with your visitors and showing them you understand their needs, in their terms.

Take every “I” statement on your website and recast it with “you”. When you understand what your prospects really want and address them directly, your business will thrive.

—June 2010, Wyn Snow.

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